angry female EXTREMIST (a_white_rain) wrote in eternal_nights,
angry female EXTREMIST

Untitled Crack - Whore!Atemu - (1/1)

Life was good for Atemu, the biggest reason for that was because he was now alive. However, getting into that would take page time and require a well thought out plot, and no one wants that. And I have a 100-word count limit.

For this moment though, life was good for Atemu because he was having a mind-blowing orgasm from his once worst enemy, Bakura. Telling you how they got in bed together would also take too much time, so I won’t get into it.

“That was a good fuck.” Bakura said.

“Yes.” Atemu said, nodding. “Next?”

Kaiba walked in.
Tags: fandom: yuugiou

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