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Check - KakaSasu (1/1)

By: White Rain
Disclaimer: I do not own Naruto.
Pairing: Kakashi/Sasuke
Summary: Kakashi, Sasuke and chess. Sasuke doesn't know how to play chess, and Kakashi's got a lesson to teach. UST.


Kakashi set what Sasuke recognized was a chessboard down on the table in front of them.

"How is this going to make me stronger?" Sasuke asked, and imminently afterwards wished he hadn't sounded quite so childish.

Kakashi gave him a sharp look before asking, "Do you know how to play?"

Sasuke shook his head and almost said 'I wanted my father to teach me'. He bit his lip hard before saying that though, and berated himself silently until Kakashi spoke.


"Don't call me that," Sasuke said.

Kakashi just smiled; Sasuke took that as no and sulked as he watched Kakashi start to set up the chess board. "Do I need to explain the rules?"

"I'm not going to play," Sasuke said.

Kakashi seemed to considered this, scratching his chin. Sasuke got a sinking feeling that, in the end, he wasn't going to have a choice. Or maybe that's what he was hoping. It was hard to tell when he was with Kakashi.

"You're not?" Kakashi said finally.

"I didn't say I would," Sasuke said, his shoulders bunching up slightly and his eyes flickering to the door behind Kakashi.

"No," Kakashi agreed, "You didn't." He continued to set up the chessboard.

"I said I wasn't playing," Sasuke said, his voice coming out harder than he'd intended.

"I never said that I was playing with you," Kakashi chided. "I just asked if you needed me to teach you the rules."

Sasuke wasn't sure why he was suddenly feeling guilty and forgotten. He stared at the ground and said, "Then why did you tell me you were going to teach me?"

"I am," Kakashi said and Sasuke looked up to see Kakashi give him a smile too cheerful to be real.

"How?" Sasuke said.

"Watch," Kakashi said and gave Sasuke a firm look.

"I'm still not going to play," Sasuke said, because it was better than downright submitting to Kakashi like he would have to his father.

"Not now," Kakashi agreed and reached over to put his hand across Sasuke's mouth when Sasuke opened it to protest.

Sasuke licked Kakashi's hand, because he wanted to obey more.

Kakashi only studied Sasuke's eyes for a few minute before saying in a soft voice, "Right now, you are under my command. It would be wise for you to remember that."

"You should too," Sasuke said when Kakashi removed his hand.

Kakashi smiled again, and said, "Okay." Not two seconds later, Kakashi was behind him and securing Sasuke to the chair with some trap wire. Another second later, Sasuke felt a tug and winced slightly at how the wire dug into his skin.

Then Sasuke felt Kakashi leaning over, and a warm breath covering his neck. For a wild moment, he thought Kakashi was going to press his lips there, and he found himself flushing slightly, and growing as very still.

Instead, Kakashi muttered into Sasuke's ear, "You should be more careful with your emotions and how they affect your words."

Kakashi's hand rested on Sasuke's shoulder and a thumb brushed against his neck, on the cursed seal. Sasuke found himself shivering at that, and licking his lips when Kakashi pressed down on it slightly.

Sasuke closed his eyes and remembered what he'd said to Naruto the day before about the said cursed seal. This wasn't a normal lesson. He dropped his shoulders as lowly as he could and inclined his head slightly.

Kakashi wasn't satisfied, sharp jolts shot through Sasuke's neck when he dug his thumbnail into the cursed seal. Sasuke automatically tilted his head to the side as far as he could and allowed the whimper to escape his mouth.

Kakashi leaned over even more and said, softer than ever, "Do you understand?"


Kakashi removed his thumbnail from the cursed seal and soothed Sasuke by moving his thumb in slow circles around it. Sasuke was aware of how close Kakashi's finger was to his pulse, which was racing, despite how little Sasuke was moving. Sasuke hesitantly pushed into the touch.

Kakashi allowed this, although his hand shook slightly.

A word neither would say seemed to weigh between them as Kakashi pulled away, his thumb lingering a bit too long on Sasuke's neck, and walked back over to his chair to continue Sasuke's punishment.
Tags: challenge: 30kisses - kakashi/sasuke, challenge: fanfic100 - sasuke, fandom: naruto, ship: kakashi/sasuke
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